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Hints and tips for newbies!

So we can’t all be diaper connoisseurs from the off, can we? Here’s a beginners guide to choosing and fitting your diaper from the wonderful GummiPomPom:


Little Big Land’s Big Weekend Convention 2019

An entire weekend dedicated to all things AB/DL and so much more – we can hardly wait!! This amazing event runs from Friday, August 30, 2019 at 2pm til Sunday, September 01, 2019, 12pm and includes:

  • Dedicated time for full headspace emersion
  • Allocated spaces for mixed play
  • A full weekend to socialise with your friends
  • Onsite bar facilities
  • Workshops and demos organised for your viewing and learning pleasure
  • Fantastic food included in your stay
  • Your own private rooms for a safe personal space and changing opportunities
  • A night like no other: The Babies Ball, think TGA at the next level!
  • UK?s first and biggest ABDL market
  • Your favourite activities from events past
  • New and exciting activities!

It sounds amazing! Hopefully we will see some of our friends there. For more info and tickets click here.


Adult Baby Numbers Are UP!

Interesting little snippet we came across today – seems like the Adult Baby community is getting bigger, kind of like a wet diaper:

Read here


We might be adult babies, but we like to read!

Face it. Being an Adult Baby is tough. Even being the parent or partner to an AB is tough. People don’t understand Adult Babies. What are we to do? Let this book guide you through the difficulties Adult Babies, and those who love them, face in life…


Living as an Adult Baby

What is age-play? Who does it and why? This is Jess’s story. Learn something about age regression, or simply enjoy looking at the cool, pinkalicious nursery room Jess has created!

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